Our objective in offering Value Added Service is to enhance the overall customer experience by providing additional features and benefits that go beyond our standard offerings, aiming to exceed customer expectations and provide comprehensive solutions in a convenient and streamlined manner. Our Clients benefit from Value Added Services by gaining access to additional features, personalized support, and tailored solutions that enhance their overall experience. These services provide convenience, flexibility, and an opportunity to optimize their use of our products and services, ultimately driving greater value and satisfaction for the client.

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We ensure quality service by prioritising customer satisfaction, delivering excellence through our experts, continuous improvement, proactive issue resolution, and personalised solutions. Our performance metrics, process optimization, and commitment to continuous training enable us to consistently provide exceptional service experiences to our clients.

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Invoicing Process

Our billing process typically follows these steps:

1. Scope of Work: Before we begin any specialised project or engagement, we will provide a Scope of Work document outlining the specific services we will provide, the deliverables and the estimated timeline. 2. Proposal: Based on the Scope of Work, we will provide a proposal with a breakdown of the estimated costs for the project or engagement. 3. Invoicing: Our invoices are raised in advance and include a detailed breakdown of the services agreed to be provided and its estimated cost. 4. Subsequent invoices: These may be raised in case any additional efforts/ hours are invested, beyond billed earlier. 

Payment terms

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Initial Invoice: Advance Payment. Services to be provisioned only after collection of payment.

Subsequent Invoice: Payment is due within 7 days of invoice.

Billing Rates

Our billing rates are based on the level of expertise required for the project, the complexity of the work, and the estimated time of completion. We provide competitive rates and ensure that our rates are transparent and clearly communicated to our clients.

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